After finishing school young people are faced with the problem of looking for (self) employment possibilities. Being able to seize their opportunities and the context for their work are most important skills for solving this situation. Entrepreneurship could be on one of efficient measures for facilitating school-to-work transition. To face this problem we want to improve qualification of teachers, who teach entrepreneurship in VET.

Our partnership has settled following objectives:

-To improve teachers’ skills for developing entrepreneurial competences of students

-To prepare methodology for development of entrepreneurial competences of students

To reach objectives we will analyse entrepreneurship programmes used in VET, adapt existing training methods for development of entrepreneurial competences[1] of students and prepare training programme for teachers for using prepared methodology. We will also train the teachers andevaluate methodology.

Our partnership is composed of 6 partners coming from 5 EU countries. We want to work together and exchange experiences on European level to attain accumulation of partners’ knowledge.

Main results of our partnership will be adapted training methods and learning instruments for developing entrepreneurial competences of VET students, prepared training programme and handbook for teachers and students, implemented workshop for teachers and evaluation of prepared methodology.

[1]Knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and attitude - Recommendation of the European parliament and of the council on key competences for lifelong learning, Brussels, 10.11.2005, COM(2005)548 final